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I work with you, regardless of your age
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I have over a decade of experience working with clients of all ages and abilities. During this time I have gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise in helping clients meet and exceed their health goals. Everyone's needs vary, so your programme is tailored to meet your individual requirements, taking into account your current fitness levels.


One-to-one sessions

Whether it's in the gym, or outdoors, your sessions are personally tailored to meet your needs.

Full nutrition plan

Proven methods of nutrition for fat loss and muscle growth depending on your goal.

Tailored workout program

A specifically tailored training regime designed for your current fitness level.

Client Testimonials

After 4 weeks intensive training with Phil I am now 11lb down and 5 inches have disappeared from my waist. I feel amazing and the support he has given me has been invaluable

Ann-Marie Evans

I can't believe how amazing Phil has been! I don't think I would have reached my goal without you! You pushed me to extremes I never thought I could go to. Thank you so much! I will be seeing you again.

Tara O'Boyle

Four weeks training with Phil and i've lost half a stone and quite a few inches off my body. Phil pushed me to work harder than I thought possible. I would highly recommend doing a course, as he gives you all the training, motivation and nutritional advice needed to lose weight.

Leighton Cotgreave

I hadn't set foot in a gym before, but Phil made it easy. He really knows his stuff and since starting I have lost nearly 2 stone. Definitely recommended if you want results. Cheers, Phil!

Paul John Price


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